Flat sheet material varying in type, quality and thickness for uses in construction to furniture making.


  • Elliotis structural. Supplied in full sheets.
  • WBP ply ranging in thickness from 4-25mm.
  • BM TRADA Q-Mark ply.
  • Marine plywood to BS 10881: 2003 in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 18mm.
  • Genuine Buffalo Board. Phenolic coated ply, 12mm and 18mm.


  • Popular thicknesses of standard and moisture resistant MDF.
  • Neatmatch TGV for panelling, both cross grain and long grain.


Moisture resistant T&G chipboard for flooring. Supplied in full sheets only.

Other Boards

Veneered boards

Veneered boards are obtained to order for you. Supplied in full sheets only.


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