09 Dec 2014

Tips for clearing snow

Winter is upon us and we tend to be a less busy during the winter months. With less daylight and worse weather building work and DIY projects do not progress as fast as other times of the year.

To complement our extensive range of timber, building materials and DIY supplies  we also sell a range of winter goods from our timber yard in Deddington, including snow shovels and rocksalt.

When snow is forecast it is a good idea have a plan on how to clear the snow once it has fallen. Based on our experiences here are our top tips for clearing snow.


  1. Buy a good quality snow shovel. Better quality snow shovels clear snow quicker. They are better designed, heavier duty and last longer.
  2. If possible, spread a very fine scattering of rock salt before the snow falls. If the snow settles it will make the snow easier to clear.
  3. Fresh snow is easier to clear. Clear the snow using a good quality snow shovel before any traffic has goes over it. Once driven or walked on the snow will compact and become much more difficult to clear. The compressed snow is icy and very easy to slip upon. If that means getting up early, do so. It’s very invigorating!
  4. Work systematically. Clear the snow from the centre to the outside of the area to be cleared or from one side to the other.
  5. Don’t obstruct access routes, air bricks, doors or windows. Avoid piling the snow against areas that will cause an obstruction or where the snow could cause water damage when it melts.
  6. Many hands make light work. Enlist the help of family and neighbours. It’s surprisingly good fun coming together and working as a team to clear the snow.
  7. Once cleared, a fine scattering of rock salt will help melt any residue and protect against future snow fall.
  8. Use rock salt sparingly. Don’t over apply the rock salt. Rock salt corrodes hard landscaping such as concrete. A very fine scattering is all that is needed, less is more.


We stock a range of snow shovels and rock salt. It is best to have these items in the shed or garage well before snow falls. Once it does we sell out fast!


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