23 Mar 2015

Timber for raised beds

Spring is here and things are beginning to grow. At this time of year we sell a lot of timber for making raised beds to both the trade and DIY.

We are often asked by our DIY customers, ‘How to I build a raised bed?’.             

Making a raised bed is a fairly simple DIY project. The most common method is to use 25x150mm (1”x6”) or 25x200mm (1”x8”) treated timber to act as the wall of the raised bed with some 50x50mm (2”x2”) pegs on the inside to act as supports to hold the raised bed together.

With a ready made kit you are restricted to pre-set sizes which limit your options. Buying the timber in length to build a raised bed rather than a buying a kit means you have total control over the dimensions of your raised bed. Any height, any width and any depth is possible. You can build a raised bed to suit your garden or allotment perfectly.

We keep a range of treated softwood at our timber yard based in Deddington ideal for your raised bed DIY projects.


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