27 Aug 2014

Sundeala K pin board

Sundeala K board is an excellent choice for interior notice boards in homes, offices and schools.

Sundeala K sets the benchmark for all other pin boards. Sundeala K standard pin board is manufactured from recycled paper and pre-sanded to give a light grey textured ‘suede-like’ surface. This means it can be used without the need for a fabric covering.

Our stock sheet size is 2400x1220x9mm in standard grey.

How to install

Sundeala K is easy to install for the DIY and trade alike.

  1. Condition before installation to ensure the board’s moisture content matches the environment in which it is to be installed. This will reduce any swelling or contraction as the board settles into equilibrium with it’s surroundings.
  2. Cut to size using a power or hand saw with a fine toothed blade.
  3. Sand the cut edges using fine sand paper.
  4. Fix onto a smooth level surface using screws. Fixings should be at a maximum of 600mm centres in the body of the board and 300-450mm centres around the edges. It is recommended to use cup washers which will make a much tidier job.
  5. Start fixing from one edge and work across the board which will reduce the risk of bulging.
  6. If butting two boards together, when installing a large notice board, leave a 5mm expansion gap.

If your skill set is good and your notice board is relatively small you can mount the Sundeala in a frame. Then fix the notice board to the wall using glass plates without fixing through the face of the board.

Fixing with adhesive

Mechanical fixings are the preferred method of fixing. However, adhesives may be used when fixing to sound backgrounds such as Stixall.

In our opinion it is always better to use mechanical fixings. It will take a little longer but will mean that the notice board can easily be removed from the wall. If you have used adhesive it is inevitable that part of the wall will be damaged if you remove the notice board at a later date.


Sundeala K has excellent pin retention offering great longevity and durability. If the board does become worn or grubby, simply sand using a fine sandpaper.

Comprehensive installation instructions can be found here.

For a notice board that lasts insist on Sundeala K board.

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