05 Aug 2014

Sand and Aggregate Types

There are lots of different sands and aggregates available for your DIY and building projects. Here is a list of some the aggregate and sand that we supply and their most common uses.

Stock Aggregates

We supply these sand and aggregates in 25kg bags which are ideal for small DIY jobs and can be collected from our timber and builders merchant in Deddington, near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Also, we supply bulk bags or tipped loose for larger building and landscaping projects. The choice is yours.

  • Mixed building sand 50:50 is 50% soft sand and 50% fine washed sand. This mix suits the local area extremely well. It is used for brick and block laying, lime mortars, plastering, pointing and stonework.
  • BS1200 building sand 70:30 is 70% soft sand and 30% sharp sand. This has more grit than the 50:50 mix. Used for brick and block laying, lime mortars, paving, pointing and stonework where a grittier mix is preferred.
  • Sharp sand is used for screeds and render also, slab laying and block paving.
  • Concrete ballast is a mix of aggregate and sand which is used for concrete mixes and general filling.
  • 10mm shingle (aka gravel) is use for paths and driveways also for bedding pipes for drainage.
  • 20mm shingle (aka gravel) is used for paths and driveways. Ninety five percent of the aggregate we supply for driveways is 20mm shingle.
  • Plastering sand is used for renders and plaster back coats. Another common name for plastering sand is fine washed sand.

Sometimes two types of aggregate and sand are mixed to suit a particular application. For example, a bricklayer may add some extra sharp sand into a mortar mix to make it more gritty to match some existing mortar.

We also supply in bulk bags or loose the following.

  • MOT type 1 is used as a higher quality sub-base material generally used under drives, car parks, roads and buildings. It compacts extremely well to provide a superior sub base before covering with other material.

Decorative Aggregates

In addition to these stock aggregates we supply decorative aggregates which are supplied loose and tipped, such as.

  • Bubbenhall quartz.
  • Golden flint.
  • Oxford blue flint.
  • Cotswold chippings.
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