28 Jul 2014

Not in stock? Not a problem.

Independent merchants are flexible.

All independent merchants know that we have to do something to set us apart from the large merchants and DIY stores. We all want to stand out from the crowd rather than be just another merchant in another town supplying another piece of wood or another bag of cement.

That’s how we build and develop customer loyalty and what keeps our customers coming back for more time after time after time.

Large merchants and DIY stores often just do not care enough. If you cannot have supply on their terms then you cannot have supply. This is particularly true when you want something that is not in stock or requires a little bit of extra effort and work from the staff.


This is where independents excel.

We are not constrained by national buying contracts preventing us buying from suppliers who are not on our supplier list. We can buy from whomever we want. No-one tells us or dictates where or what we can buy.

Other merchants fail to supply special items because they lack the experience, knowledge or contacts to supply less common building materials. Sometimes they are not permitted to buy from suppliers by head offices or buying departments.

Here are some examples of recent special orders we have supplied to customers where other merchants have given up or cannot be bothered.

  • Bespoke over-sized aluminium rainwater hopper.
  • Cedar cladding treated with fire resistant coating.
  • Hornbeam timber.
  • 9 metre steel beams.
  • Hygenic wall cladding.
  • Keyed alike locks and padlock sets     (which we now stock)
  • 300x300mm oak.

If there is a pound to be made we will find out how to supply whatever you want from our independent Timber & Builders Merchant based in Deddington.

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