21 Jul 2014

HardieBacker® Fibre Cement Board

HardieBacker cement board is a cement based backer board which can be used as a superior alternative to plasterboard or ply for tiling onto walls with tiles and stone. It is highly recommended for lining wet rooms and shower enclosures.

Generally, 12mm HardieBacker cement board is used on walls and 6mm is used on floors. Standard sheet size is 1200x800.


Why use HardieBacker® cement board

Being cement based it is waterproof and will not crack or swell even when wet unlike plasterboard or ply. HardieBacker cement board is strong, giving an extremely strong bond for ceramic and stone tiles up to 100kg/m2; the strongest on the market.

It contains an anti-mould additive with prevents unseen mould growth behind the walls.

It is non-combustable with an A1 fire rating. 12mm board can be used behind a boiler and even behind a multi-fuel or log burning stove.

It can also be used with underfloor heating.


Why not to use ply or plasterboard

Plasterboard or ply can expand and contract leading to fine cracks in the grout. Water will ultimately penetrate and cause further unseen damage.

Plywood can rot and delaminate if exposed to water for prolonged periods.

Plasterboard is paper faced, a food source for mould. The gypsum contained in plasterboard can disintegrate if continually exposed to water.

By the time the damage is apparent often significant and expensive work is required to gain access to, remove and replace the water damaged components.

Don’t take the risk, insist on HardieBacker cement board for your wet rooms and showers.

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