17 Dec 2014


It has been a busy year.


The construction industry has picked up considerably in our part of the country during 2014. There is building work everywhere ranging from large building sites to small DIY projects.

Since the downturn in the construction industry in 2008, quality has been of lesser importance to price. From 2008 tradesmen and DIY-ers have been driven by cheaper prices at the cost of quality. For a long time higher quality and premium products would not sell as well as before the beginning of the recession in 2008.

From mid-2013 a swing towards premium products began this has continued very strongly during 2014. We have noticed a significant inclination towards better quality and premium products over the last twelve months from both the trade and DIY alike.

This has been most noticeable with our timber sales. Better grades, qualities and types of timber are now being insisted upon. Instead of us trying to sell the better quality products on the merits of superior longevity, improved workability and better appearance our customers are now asking for better quality timber which is not, generally, available at large merchants and DIY chains.

We have always kept the better grades of timber alongside the economy and mid-range timber found at large merchants and DIY chains. We believe that quality not price should be the motivator.

After all, we all know the saying….buy cheap, buy twice.



We would, also, like to thank all our customers, from both the trade and DIY, for their support and business throughout the year. We really appreciate and value your continued loyalty and support for local, independent business. We look forward to helping you with your building and DIY projects in 2015 from our independent timber and builders merchant based in Deddington, Oxfordshire.



Finally, we hope you all enjoy the holiday period and get to spend some time with friends, family and loved ones with some good food and perhaps a tipple or two.


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