Types of drill bit

17 Sep 2014

A lot of DIY jobs around the home require a drill. It is not a difficult DIY task but the choice of drill bit is vital to make the task easier and achieve a quality finish. Here is a guide to the common types of bits that we stock in the hardw


Firrings for flat roofs

10 Sep 2014

What are firrings? Firrings are used to create a fall on flat roofs. Firrings are cut through the length of the timber to create a slope when laid on top of roof joists for a flat roof before being covered with OSB or ply then finally felt.


Sundeala K pin board

27 Aug 2014

Sundeala K board is an excellent choice for interior notice boards in homes, offices and schools. Sundeala K sets the benchmark for all other pin boards. Sundeala K standard pin board is manufactured from recycled paper and pre-sanded to give


Sand and Aggregate Types

05 Aug 2014

There are lots of different sands and aggregates available for your DIY and building projects. Here is a list of some the aggregate and sand that we supply and their most common uses. Stock Aggregates We supply these sand and aggregates in


HardieBacker® Fibre Cement Board

21 Jul 2014

HardieBacker cement board is a cement based backer board which can be used as a superior alternative to plasterboard or ply for tiling onto walls with tiles and stone. It is highly recommended for lining wet rooms and shower enclosures. Genera